When I heard the story of these two young artists, I was amazed: I admire them for chasing their dreams.

Halloween with two talented young people. I met them and I liked them instantly. They told me about their plans to be an actress and a photographer, and I admired them. They are two teenagers with big thoughts and many dreams. And very talented and determined. She is 17 years old and her name is Sabina and he is 18 and his name is Alex.
She dreams of becoming an actress and he dreams of becoming a great photographer. And so I thought my plan to give them stage, to show what they can do, and to enjoy.

Halloween Showtime

And knowing them, inspired me to do a project about Halloween together. Not scary, but using the specific colors, black, and orange, to create something that will challenge them, confuse them a little, and highlight their talent.
For this, I designed and created at Chic Fleuriste a handmade hat made of wire, with two horns, which was painted black. I added some super delicate flowers – Gloriosa – and some other plant materials, and handmade wire elements.

I also created a handmade, floral jewel for the young actress-to-be, with small flowers and buds of Kalanchoe, to give her the opportunity to express herself as an actress. And it was great! Both were great!

The floral hat and floral jewelry designed by Chic Fleuriste made them both shine, and at the same time, they also made these floral creations stand out.

Thank you to the whole team!

Design: Chic Fleuriste
Model: Sabina Eparu
Photographer: Alex Chivu
Beautiful flowers: Flori Holland

Hair: Sensi by Ramona

Make up: Ioana Mateescu Make Up